Lego Minifigures Collecting Guide [Part 1]

Lego has repeatedly been placed in the number one spot on countless best toys of all time lists. It started fairly subtly. The little yellow guys were packaged with nearly every one of their kits from the late 1970s onwards. The 90s was Pirates, Space, Knights and Town, but around about the year 2000 after the Star Wars license proved hugely successful they began branching out into movies, animated shows and dozens of crazy lines that they created themselves.

It was in 2010 when they began their mystery bagged Lego Minifigure collection available for a few dollars each in grocery stores everywhere with each one being a carefully constructed series of exclusive parts, that they really, truly hit the action figure market.

This guide goes into the history in more detail and examines why these teeny tiny fellows are even more awesome than you might think.

In this video we take a look at the diverse and often confusing world of Lego Mini-figures, a niche that until now I new very little about. It will open your eyes to a whole new world of these collectible figures.

They may be barely 2 inches in height but they are hugely popular among children, parents and collectors giving them a universal appeal that often drives there prices up to horrendous amounts on the secondary market.Don’t be fooled by these seemingly innocent Lego bricks, for beneath the surface lurks another darker side. Until now I’ve staunchly resisted the urge to buy any of these but I must admit, after watch this I felt almost compelled to buy some.

However, instead I bought the Lego Minifigures Year by Year: A Visual History in order to get myself better acquainted to these, their rarity and values.

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